Certificate IV in Aged Care

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Course Description

CHC40108 Certificate IV in Aged Care

Get ahead in the aged care industry with a Certificate IV in Aged Care from Health Services Training Australia.

From college to management

A Certificate IV in Aged Care from HSTA is the quickest way to land yourself a management or supervisory role in the aged care sector.

The HSTA Training Guarantee

Here at Health Services Training Australia we’re serious about bridging the gap between employers and our very ambitious students. With this in mind, we’ve implemented the following short courses as part of our Certificate IV in Aged care curriculum.

  • Provide First Aid
  • Provide CPR
  • Provide Basic Life Support
  • Food Safety Handler
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)

These courses are provided as part of your qualification free of charge. These courses will help add serious value to your resume and provide extensive career opportunities both short-term and long.

Nationally accredited & recognised

Our Certificate IV in Aged Care is nationally accredited as CHC40108 Certificate IV in Aged Care. The Australian Qualification Framework approves this course.



USI: The Commonwealth Government have recently introduced 'Unique Student Identifier' numbers. It's mandatory that all students attending this course register for a free USI prior to commencement. Registering only takes a few minutes.

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Course Information

Current intake is full, please contact admissions for next intake or a link for the next intake.

Current Intakes

Current intake is full, please contact admissions for next intake or a link for the next intake.


Health Services Training Australia
Level 6, 250 Collins Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Phone: 03 9654 3000
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Trainer Profiles

Pamela Taylor is a qualified Registered Nurse/Perioperative Nurse with 35 years experience in the private, public Health sector, the insurance industry and training and development.Pamela holds a TAE40110 and Certificate in Perioperative Nursing.  
Strutts Psyridis holds a Certificate III in Aged Care and TAE40110. Strutts draws on knowledge and skills in the practice of the Aged Care Worker, forged from over 25 years as a practical, hands-on Aged Care Worker in a variety of aged care facilities, both in Australia and the United Kingdom....
Aminah Bailey brings her experience and passion to the table every day as one of HSTA's experienced aged care trainers. Her years of experience in education and aged care give her student's the cutting edge for rewarding career paths and excelling professional growth. Throughout Aminah'...

Course Cost

Qualification Fees

Skills For Victoria Funding

Our Certificate IV in Aged Care course costs $105 to complete or $21 with a valid concession card (Health Care Card). You won't be charged anything more to complete this course with Health Services Training Australia. 

This fee includes:

  • Entry and usage of the Health Services Training Australia Melbourne CBD Campus for the duration of your course
  • Access to computer labs, internet where applicable, and digital media resources
  • Practical and theory training sessions with an HSTA approved and qualified trainer/assessor
  • Certificate issuance

Please note, this fee does not include the mandatory preliminary units for this course. Please see the course outline section at the top of this page. 

Skills For Victoria funding is well known as the Victorian Training Guarantee. This course is funded the Victorian Government. Eligibility criteria applies and prior to enrollment you will need to pass an eligibility test, if you are un-successful you will have the option to enroll for the course at an adjusted fee. 

Course Outline

Course Outline

This course will include these nationally recognised units of competence:

  • CHCAC412B           Provide Services to older people with complex needs. Prerequisite: CHCAC318A
  • CHCAC416A           Facilitate support responsive to the specific nature of dementia
  • CHCAC417A           Implement interventions with older people at risk of falls
  • CHCAD401D           Advocate for clients
  • CHCCS400C           Work within a relevant legal and ethical framework
  • CHCICS401B          Facilitate support for personal care needs
  • CHCICS402B          Facilitate individualised plans
  • CHCINF403E          Coordinate information systems
  • CHCNET404B         Facilitate links with other services
  • CHCORG406C        Supervise work
  • HLTHIR403C           Work effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers
  • CHCWHS312A        Follow safety procedures for direct care work
  • CHCDIS410A          Facilitate community participation and inclusion
  • CHCCS305C           Assist clients with medication. * Pre-requisite: HLTAP301B
  • CHCDIS301C          Work effectively with people with disability
  • HLTAID003              Provide First Aid

Entry requirements

To gain entry into CHC40108 Certificate IV in Aged Care a candidate must be recognised as competent, through a recognised training program or recognition process, against the following core units from CHC30212 Certificate III in Aged Care (or equivalent):

  • CHCAC318B Work effectively with older people
  • CHCAC319A Provide support to people living with dementia
  • CHCCS411B Work effectively in the community sector
  • CHCICS303A Support individual health and emotional well being
  • CHCPA301B Deliver care services using a palliative approach
  • HLTAP301B Recognise healthy body systems in a health care context



Getting A Head Start

With our nationally accredited Certificate IV in Aged Care under your belt landing a job in the Melbourne Aged Care industry easy. But here at Health Services Training Australia we're serious about seeing our students through from education and into meaningful employment. So, to ensure we're doing the best we can, we've extending our Certificate IV in Aged Care qualification to include the following short courses and career building strategies. 

One-Day Courses

To bulk out your resume we've included the following industry tailored courses to our Cert IV Aged Care syllabus at no extra charge. These courses help you build a solid repertoire of in-demand skills that will fill up white space on any resume. 

  • Provide First Aid
    • Provide CPR
    • Provide Basic Life Support
  • Food Safety Handler
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)

These courses are a mixture of nationally accredited Units of Competence and state regulator accredited disciplines. Each one is completed free of charge at our Melbourne Training Centre during your Certificate IV in Aged Care. 

Selling Yourself 

Landing a job isn't just a matter of having a pretty certificate. You will most likely need to impress your employer through an interview process. Our highly experienced aged care trainers and assessors are equipped with industry relative career building skills that will be utilised to help you build a resume and harness winning interview skills. Throughout the duration of your Certificate IV your appointed trainer will work with you on these skills.


Job Placements Opportunities

Work Placement

When completing your Cert IV with HSTA you will be required to complete mandatory work placement experience as part of your qualification. This experience is invaluable as it gives you the opportunity to meet prospective employers whilst seeing the reality of an aged care facility. 

Workplace Networking Systems

HSTA collects and maintains relationships with aged care facilities throughout Victoria. These facilities have quickly become an asset to our students by providing career networks for both work placement during your course and a career foundation afterwards.